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Tile Makes The Room: Good Design From Heath Ceramics

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Author/ Catherine Bailey and Robin Petravic, owners of Heath Ceramics

Publisher/ Ten Speed Press, 2015

Design/ Volume Inc.

About/ Tile Makes The Room explores tile’s role in good design, as seen through the work of leading designers and architects in over 50 projects from around the world.

From Catherine Bailey and Robin Petravic, owners of Heath Ceramics—the beloved California home goods company whose down-to-earth appeal spans continents and generations—comes a captivating and unprecedented look at tile. Tile Makes The Room is about exceptional spaces and places—the kind you want to step into and examine every detail of—where tile is the main ingredient, though not the entire meal. Explore the dwellings of notable designers and everyday homeowners; take a look at the making of tile; gain surprising perspectives on color, pattern and texture; and take note of public installations around the world to visit and enjoy.